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Automated Electricity Meter Test System, Electricity Meter Testing Bench, Portable Meter Testing Equipment.
Bio-Medical Measurement System, Electrical Machine Training System, DSP Development and Experiment System, Electrical Circuit Learning System
Electronic Testing and Measuring Equipment.
Environmental Chamber, Drying Oven, Furnace.
Servo-hydraulic Universal Testing Machine, Electro-mechanical Universal Testing Machines.
Cable Fault Location System, Primary Current Injection Test Set.Relay Test Set, Thermal Imaging Systems.
Laboratory Equipment.

Client Name:

  • Public and Private Engineering Universities/Colleges.
  • Polytechnic and Vocational Institutes.
  • Teachers Training Colleges/Institutes.
  • Directorate of Technical Education.
  • Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institutions (BSTI).
  • Bangladesh Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (BCSIR).
  • Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources.
  • Housing and Building Research Institutes (HBRI).
  • Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC).
  • Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC).
  • Local Government Engineering Department (LGED).
  • Roads and Highways Department (RHD).
  • Geological Survey of Bangladesh (GSB).
  • Other Government/Non-Government utilities.