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Automated Electricity Meter Test System, Electricity Meter Testing Bench, Portable Meter Testing Equipment.
Bio-Medical Measurement System, Electrical Machine Training System, DSP Development and Experiment System, Electrical Circuit Learning System
Electronic Testing and Measuring Equipment.
Environmental Chamber, Drying Oven, Furnace.
Servo-hydraulic Universal Testing Machine, Electro-mechanical Universal Testing Machines.
Cable Fault Location System, Primary Current Injection Test Set.Relay Test Set, Thermal Imaging Systems.
Laboratory Equipment.

Construction and Building Material Testing Equipment.

Soil and Rock Test Equipment

  • Soil Classification Equipment
  • Field Testing / Classifications
  • Proctor Penetrometers
  • Static and Dynamic Penetrometers
  • Standard Penetration Test Apparatus
  • Moisture Testing Equipment
  • Consolidation Test Apparatus
  • Direct Shear Test Apparatus
  • Triaxial Test Equipment
  • Data Acquisition Unit
  • Rock Mechanics Equipment
  • Geotechnical Investigations and Drilling Equipment

Concrete and Cement Test Equipment

  • Compression Testing Machines
  • Flexural Testing Machines
  • Automatic Mortar Mixers
  • Sample Preparation Equipment
  • Fresh Concrete Testing Equipment
  • Core Drilling / Sawing Equipment
  • Concrete Test Hammers
  • Non-Destructive Testing Equipment

Aggregate Test Equipment:

  • Sieving and Screening
  • Geometric Properties
  • Mechanical and Physical Properties
  • Determination of Resistance

Asphalt Test Equipment

  • Marshall Stability Testing Machine
  • Marshall Compactors
  • Bitumen Extractions
  • Bituminous Mixers
  • Binder Analysis Equipment
  • Penetrometers
  • Asphalt Ovens
  • Viscometers
  • Flash and Fire Point Test Apparatus
  • Softening Point Test Apparatus
  • Asphalt Distillation Apparatus
  • Ductility Testers

Mechanical Properties of Metal and Non-Metallic Materials:

  • Servo Hydraulic Universal Testing Machines
  • Electro-Mechanical Universal Testing Machines
  • Multi-purpose Dynamic Fatigue Testing Machines
  • Tensile Strength Testing Machines
  • Bending Testing Machines
  • Hydraulic Tensile Creep Testing Machines
  • Impact Testing Machines
  • Universal Hardness Testers

Glass and Ceramic Testing Equipment

  • Machine for Flexural Breaking Load and Modulus of Rupture (MOR) Test for Ceramic Materials
  • Water Absorption Tester (Vacuum Immersion Method ) for Ceramic Materials
  • Standard Abrasion Tester for Determining Abrasion Resistance of Glazed Ceramic Surfaces with Light Cabinet
  • Standardized Cooling Tank for Determining the Resistance to Thermal Shock Measurement
  • High Temperature Oven for Thermal Shock Measurement
  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Apparatus
  • Gradient Furnace
  • Softening Point Apparatus
  • Beam Bending Viscometer
  • Annealing and Strain Point Apparatus
  • Autoclave for Standardized Testing (Crazing Testing)
  • Planetary Ball Mill
  • Hammer Mill
  • Roller Jar Mill
  • Sieve Shaker with Sieves
  • Hydraulic Laboratory Press

Geological Investigation Equipment

  • Exploration Seismograph with accessories
  • Earth Resistivity Measuring System with Electrodes
  • Electrical Imaging System
  • 3D Borehole GEOPHONE
  • Cross-hole Tomograhy System
  • Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) Data Acquisition System
  • GPR Antenna, Software and accessories
  • Electromagnetic Induction System for Geological Investigation
  • Core Drilling Machine
  • SPT Hammer with accessories
  • Borehole Camera for Field Investigation
  • Advanced Subsurface Penetrating Radar System
  • Noise Vibration Meter
  • Water Level Meter with accessories

Survey Equipment

  • Total Stations
  • Auto Plotter Software
  • Theodolite
  • Automatic and Digital Level
  • Digital Planimeters
  • GPS Satellite Signal Receiving Systems
  • High Precision Data Collecting System with GPS Modules
  • Hand held Distance Meters